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Clinical Trial Including 30 Central Oregon Patients Published  

Colwell CW, Froimson MI, Mont MM, Ritter MA, Trousdale RT, Buehler KC, Spitzer A, Donaldson TK, Padgett DE.  Thrombosis prevention after total hip arthroplasty.  A prospective randomized trial comparing a mobile compression device with low-molecular weight heparin.  Journal of Bone & Joint Surgery  2010 (April);92:527-535.

A mobile compression device, technically known as continuous enhanced circulation therapy (CECT) with speciallized flow technology (SFT), was found to be safer and less espensive thatn conventional anticoagulation with low molecular weight heparin to prevent thrombosis in post-operative patients.  Knute Buehler, MD, local Principal Investigator, entered 30 (10%) of the patients on the study and is one of the authors.  The SCHS IRB Chair was one of the patients randomized on this study, a report of which The Bulletin published.  The Center newsletter also covered the story.


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