Prevention, Treatment and Diagnostic Clinical Trials for Other Diseases

Clinical Trials of
Advanced Specialty Care
Bend Arthritis
Bend Memorial Clinic
Bend Opthalmology
Bend Urologic Associates
Central Oregon Urology
Desert Orthopedics

Endocrinology Services NW
High Desert Sleep Center
Northwest Brain and Spine
other Central Oregon organizations

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Participating Physicians with Clinical Trials Currently Open for Patient Entry
Stephen Archer, MD, FACS, Advanced Specialty Care
Rick Goldstein, MD, Bend Memorial Clinic
Yvette G. Holman, RPh, BCPS, St. Charles Medical Center - Bend
Lyle J. Fagnan, MD, Oregon Health & Science University
Brett Gingold, MD, Desert Orthopedics
William G Martin, MD, St. Charles Medical Center - Bend
Kathleen Moore, MD, Desert Orthopedics
Andrew D Neeb, MD, Central Oregon Urology
Sharon Reams, BS, St. Charles Medical Center - Bend
Scott X. Stevens, MD, Bend Ophthalmology
Ray Tien, MD, PhD, The Center Oregon
Todd Tornay, MD, St. Charles Medical Center Bend
Viviane Ugalde, MD, The Center Oregon 
Cara Walther, MD, Desert Orthopedics

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