Stress Test Developed at Henry Ford Hospital Affiliate Clinical Research Center

A simple test designed at an Henry Ford affiliated hospital research center assesses stress level and origins. When viewed by a stress-free individual, a picture of two dolphins shows them to be identical.  When viewed by a stressed person, the dolphins appear different.  The test is also quick, with the subject given 30 seconds to detect differences. 

On this website, the time limit is not imposed. Your screen will show some blurring or slight color variances, but otherwise the dolphins should appear virtually identical.  According to the researchers, the greater the differences perceived, the greater the stress level. This test is not sensitive enough, however, to pick up mild stress levels - only higher levels of stress.

Sit upright.  View the screen head-on, take a deep breath, sigh, then look directly at the image.  If you note anything out of the ordinary, consider self-referral to an appropriate health professional.

When ready, click stress_test 

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