The SCHS's IRB 2+ Decade History & Master Plan 2010

Founded more that 22 years ago, in 1988, the SCHS IRB has an illustrious history serving the people of Central Oregon

Multidisciplinary Quality Assurance (MDQA) Report   
August 2013

Multi-Disciplinary Quality Assurance (MDQA) Report  
July 2010

Status of Clinical Research in Central Oregon 2011  
Archie Bleyer, MD and Tim Beard, MD summarized the status of clinical trials in Central Oregon at St. Charles Grand Rounds on January 21, 2010 that included a review of SCHS IRB's history and current workload

Master Plan 2010  
Strategies to develop the SCHS IRB into a model community healthcare system IRB, as enhanced by the FDA Audit in March 2010.

History, Disciplines, Legacy, Table of Organization   
including prior chairs and members, and plans for Central Oregon Clinical Research Center

FDA IRB Audit Reports
Click here for 2010 FDA Audit reports

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