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Clinical Research and Clinical Trials

Why are clinical trials important for patients?

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With the clinical trials available in Central Oregon, you don't have to go to Portland, Seattle, San Francisco, etc. for the "latest and greatest".  St. Charles Health System and our research partners are proud to offer clinical trials today that bring some of the latest advances to you and help determine future standard of care.  Clinical trials complement clinical care and are designed to inform research adn develop new ways to make patients' lives better. They serve three masters: the patient, the science, and the development of effective therapies to treat or prevent the disease.


Several of our doctors serve on national research committees, including those of the National Institutes of Health, and of national and international cooperative research groups.  One of them has devoted his entire medical career of  more than 40 years to clinical trials and has been the recipient as a principal investigator of more the $75 million from the National Institutes of Health to conduct clinical trials.


Participation in clinical trials is optional and not all patients will qualify. Participants in research studies may benefit from the increased treatment options, access to the latest breakthroughs in treatment and technologies, and especially the personal attention received by a team of investigators and their staffs, and oversight by our Institutional Review Board (IRB). 


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